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Vagina Rejuvenation
One of the newer procedures and the results are very positive. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical and non-hormonal method of rejuvenating the vaginal and outer labial tissues using advanced radio frequency heat technology.  This treatment can improve the appearance, elasticity and lubrication of the vagina and surrounding tissues. It also treats minor urinary incontinence by regenerating nervous tissue and can improve orgasmic function. A remarkable transformation can occur in the appearance, comfort and sexual function of the vagina.
HIFU wand is smaller than a finger, and is maneuvered manually by a clinician to gently apply radio frequency heat to all areas inside and outside of the vagina. Clients report absolutely no pain with this procedure, and can see and feel immediate results. HIFU patients are not required to have downtime and can resume sexual and physical activities immediately.
What is HIFU vaginal rejuvenation?
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is an advanced treatment modality that utilizes ultrasound energy within a temperature-controlled system to promote vaginal tightness and lubrication.
During your treatment, one of our compassionate team members will apply the HIFU device to the treatment area. Ultrasound energy is delivered from the system to gently heat vaginal tissue. The body responds to this exposure of warmth by stimulating its production of collagen, the key structural protein found within the skin. As existing collagen fibers are renewed and new ones are created, the vaginal walls within the canal tighten, reducing urinary incontinence and producing optimal lubrication for enhanced sexual intercourse.
How much downtime is there?
The HIFU vaginal rejuvenation experience is non-invasive and grants no downtime following your treatment. You may resume your normal activities immediately after your appointment!
How many HIFU vaginal rejuvenation treatments will I need?
We understand that each of our patients has distinctive goals in mind for this treatment. To ensure we help you achieve yours, be sure to schedule your consultation with one of our amazing specialists. Ultimately, results will vary from person to person.
Who is an ideal candidate?
Ideal candidates for this rejuvenating experience are those who:
  • Are looking for a non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment
  • Are not a candidate for labiaplasty or other surgical procedure
  • Are not pregnant nor breastfeeding at the time of your appointment
  • Do not have an embedded device such as a pacemaker
Our team is excited to meet with you and discuss your candidacy!
Are you ready to reclaim youthful femininity? Contact us today to schedule your consultation and discover if HIFU vaginal rejuvenation may be right for you!
The Importance of Collagen 
Collagen is a protein that makes your skin firm and elastic.  The natural aging process can diminish collagen.  When the skin has less collagen, it can lose it's youthful appearance, by using radio frequency energy, skin is heated to stimulate and re-build your body's own collagen, naturally.  

Hifu is an innovative, non-surgical technology to restore the elastic, youthful properties to the inner and outer vaginal area without the need for plastic surgery, pain, or downtime. Hifu is based on advanced radio frequency technology to rejuvenate the elasticity and strength of the tissues in the area.
There are many reasons the condition and health of the vulvo vaginal area may need to be restored. Aging tissue as well as childbirth impact the vaginal area, often leading to loss of sensation and sexual enjoyment, as well as mild to moderate incontinence. Fortunately, this Treatment is capable of reversing damage, for a significantly improved quality of life.
Pregnancy and childbirth leads to a natural stretching of the vaginal canal, often loosening tissues, and resulting in a less youthful appearance to the outer and inner lips -- which can appear saggy and unpleasant, causing embarrassment. Aging and the onset of menopause with hormonal changes makes the vaginal tissues less firm, elastic, and responsive, often leading to sexual problems associated with dryness, irritation, and lack of sensation in the tissue, and a sagging appearance to the outer and inner lips.
 Indication and Safety Information
Hifu temperature-controlled RF system is indicated:
Important Safety Considerations:
Hifu Radio frequency products should not be used on patients who are pregnant, have AIDS, UTI, have fever or skin infection in or around the area of application. Expected procedure side effects may include transient pain in procedure area, erythema and edema.
  • Improve genitalia appearance by tightening and firming the labia for a tighter, smaller profile.
  • Improve sexual function by tightening up the vaginal canal for improved sexual sensation. Many women report that they are experiencing better and more frequent orgasms.
  • Increase nerve sensitivity for greater sensation and control.
  • Increase the strength of pelvic floor contractions.
  • Improved vaginal moisture inside and outside or softer and thicker vulva/vaginal skin. Many patients report they no longer need to use sexual lubricants.
  • Improved confidence and enjoyment of life and self-esteem.
  • Correction of mild to moderate incontinence or hyperactive bladder.
  • Tightening of the prolapse organs (bladder, uterus, vagina, small bowel and rectum) that may improve the condition to some degree, potentially making reconstructive surgery unnecessary.​​
  • Vaginal (internal) Tightening:
  • Hifu tightens the vagina at the opening and the full length of the vagina reducing laxity that is noticeable to patient and partner.​
  • Vulvar/Labial (external) Tightening: Hifu will tighten the external labial tissues and reduce sag or “camel toes.” It results in noticeably softer and smoother skin. Patients experience more comfort in tight clothing and feel less self-conscience in yoga pants and bikinis.​
  • Decreased Dryness: Adds softer and thicker skin and more moisture both internally and externally. For those experiencing Vaginal/Vulvar Dryness or Atrophic Vaginitis, ThermiVa makes daily life and sexual intercourse more comfortable without the use of hormones.​
  • Reduced Incontinence or Leakage Accidents: Patients experience reduced accidents and leakage and even urge symptoms after treatment with Hifu. Women diagnosed with mild to moderate stress incontinence may be able to avoid the use of mesh slings in their vaginas after treatment.
  • Increased Sexual Satisfaction: Patients can expect increased vaginal sensitivity, more coordinated and stronger muscular contractions, and the ability to achieve stronger orgasms in a shorter time period.
    *Individual results may vary. 
Are there any side effects?
Side effects are extremely rare and there is no expectation of soreness or numbness after treatment.
Studies have proven the Hifu treatments to be effective in resolving vaginal laxity safely, without the need for more invasive treatments. Typically, 3 sessions of 30 - 45 min each are done over four to six weeks with the remarkable improvements after just the first treatment.
The maximum effectiveness is typically reached after three procedures, performed over one to two months. After your course with Hifu you can maintain the restored, elastic condition with one yearly session. We recommend also doing pelvic floor exercises to help maintain the area’s firmness and fitness.
What is the recovery like? Any downtime?
Most patients report no discomfort and there is no downtime after treatment.
How long do results last?
Individual results vary, and all patients are different, but many women who receive the full series of three treatments report benefits lasting up to two years.
Patients do not report any discomfort after the procedure. You will notice immediate results after your first treatment, but it may take a few treatments before your desired results are reached. Treatments are typically a month apart during the initial treatment phase.
Hifu has no downtime because it is non-invasive. This means you can return to your normal activities immediately. Also, because it is non-invasive, there is no delay in returning to sexual activity. With surgery, you may have to wait days or weeks before returning to your normal routines, especially intercourse. Because the treatment is so short, many patients choose to undergo the procedure during their lunch break and immediately return to work.
Hifu isn’t just about improving the appearance of your vagina. It can actually improve your well-being by reducing bladder leakage, boosting sexual arousal and improving dryness. Whether due to birth or getting older, your vagina may need a little rejuvenation, and Hifu is a painless, non-invasive way to give you a younger-looking and younger-feeling vagina. 
Does the Treatment Hurt?
There is virtually NO pain involved with this treatment. In fact, most patients say it feels like a warm massage. There are other feminine rejuvenation treatments on the market. Those treatments use a more aggressive ablative laser and are said to be uncomfortable to the point of being painful and often require downtime.  We want our patients to see results with no downtime and to feel as comfortable as possible during treatment.
The Hifu device is a slender  handheld probe that delivers controlled thermal Radio frequency energy directly to targeted areas. The procedure does not involve any pain or discomfort and requires no recovery time. By focusing on triggering collagen production in the vaginal region, the technology is capable of dramatically improving the tissues in the area. It is currently the only technology that can improve both the external and internal structures in the vaginal area.

Radio frequency therapy has been proven to be effective in stimulating the tissue in the vaginal region, and enhancing the cellular structure of skin for increased elasticity and response. RF applies this safe and tested technology to the outer and inner female genital area. Our clients report that the results of this procedure go above and beyond the expected, with improved sexual response, lubrication, and tightness.
*Non-invasive, non-ablative, non-surgical, and no anesthesia required   
*No hormones
 *No downtime    
 *Delivered at your comfort level
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