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Muscle Stimulation Therapy
Passive gymnastics or electromyostimulation, is an excellent method that uses electrical muscle stimulation (isometric contractions) to restructure, tighten, and give elasticity to the muscles.
The reason for its effectiveness lies on working simultaneously at the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems, following a process of action ranging from the more internal to the more external tissues of the body.
This excellent therapy can be applied in multiple areas at the same time such as buttocks, hips, abdomen, back, legs and arms.
Working on the muscle, it induces a special form of isometric workout that increases metabolism, boosting the consumption of energy, burning calories and correcting and enlarging muscle tone. It also promotes the mobilization of fat deposits, and consumes the stored fat causing inches loss. On the circulatory system, it increases the absorption and mobilization of accumulated fluids, increasing the function of the lymphatic drainage, and acting directly on cellulite and edema. This procedure does not have any known undesirable side effects.
Muscle Stimulation Therapy
Increase Muscle Fibers
Muscle Stimulation increases the temperature of your muscles by increasing blood flow to those muscles. You can warm-up your muscles faster with muscle stimulation. 
Muscle Stimulation Therapy  has been shown to
Increased Muscle Strength and Density
Larger Muscle Size
Improved (VO2) Max
More Explosive Strength
Faster Muscle Recovery
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Using Muscle Stimulation
Therapy may be beneficial to
Increase vertical jump
Develop more muscle strength
Recover faster after exertion
Enhance local blood circulation
Improve core strength
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